Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kuzhi Paniyaram / Vellaiyappam

Just in case, you had guests and you werent expecting anyone!! Just in case your hubby / child comes home... and asks you to fix a snack immediately !!! Heres the answer...

Learnt this age old trick from amma... "Just In Time" Recipes... where she used to make absolutely yummy snacks from the left over stuff and the basic ingredients she used to have in store.... 

What I used

1 cup of left over Idli / dosa batter 
1 tbsp of Channa flour (kadala maavu)
1 tbsp of Rice flour
1 finely chopped onion
1 green chilli ginely chopped
A small piece of ginger finely chopped
Corriander and curry leaves.
A pinch of salt
A wee bit of crushed pepper
A few drops of oil for frying ;)

How I made it

Mix all the ingredients and taste for salt. Add a little water to thin it out, so that it is a little thicker than the idli batter. Heat the non-stick paniyaram pan. Add two or three drops of oil in each  mold. Fill up  3/4 with batter and let it cook for 2 - 3 minutes until its golden brown. Use a skewer to turn it on to the other side. Add another drop of oil and let this brown for another 2 minutes. Remove and serve hot.

Serve this with tomato / mint / coconut chutney...


  1. Wow, this looks awesome! Do you have any tips for people with no paniyaram pans :(

  2. You can get the mini muffin pans that you get here... you even get the iron muffin pans... that is just like the paniyaram pans... Or in a small nonstick pan... try dropping a spoon by spoon batter... this will be a looooong process... amma used to make appam like this before we got the appa kaarai...

  3. Ooh, I did think of the mini muffin pans, and even some of the other chocolate mould pans. But I don't have a vessel to hold that. Should figure something out, lol... will definitely try this out!

  4. hey rumsand sangee, my mom used to use the ironkarandi which we used to make tadka. Yeah u can make one by one only but it can be made a bit bigger so lesser no wl do and wl turn out as good as appakaarai stuff. rums u can try using that small sizzler probably till i find a way to send you this:)

  5. Saki, you mentioned the use of mini muffin pan, do I put that pan in another pan foiled with water or should I bake it?
    I do not have paniyaram pan, neither do I have cake pop donut hole maker. Will appreciate your suggestions.
    Thank you.