Friday, March 20, 2009

Microwave - Instant Theratti Pal / Pal Khoa

Kake just loves this so much... I still remember... 1st day of every month, amma used to get us Aavin Pal khoa... and we kids used to loooooooove this... I even chewed the paper to get to the last bit of pal khoa...

Making Theatti Pal / Pal Khoa always was a laborius process... amma had to reduce litres and litres of milk for hours and hours together to make a cup of pal khoa... And poor thing.. even before she knew... it would all be gone.. :)

Got this recipe from Rums n Akshara's blog... and I just loved it... Thank you gals... Mr. B was so happy when I gave him a sweet surprise this evening... I have been boasting about this to mom n mil... and asking them to try it out... now that they have a microwave at home...
What they used
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
2 tablespoons of milk
2 tablespoons of curd

How they made it
Mix all the ingredients and microwave on high for 5 -6 minutes.... Yep and thats it...Lickalicious Theratti pal....Ready !!!

That was amazingly simple... but is mindblowing... you get the authentic taste of Aavin Pal khoa... yummmmmm...


1. You might want to remove it every 2 minutes or so, stir it and put it back in the microwave, lest it might overflow.
2. Use a big microwave bowl, so that the mixture doesnt flow out when it boils.


  1. Sangee...
    Your recipes are all soooooo mouth-watering. Me and Anu have become huge fan of ur fried rice recipe in particular. Keep up the good work !!

    p.s: Am just leaving to buy condensed milk to try out the thiratti paal..

  2. Hei Nat...hehe... thanks a bunch..ensaaaiii...

  3. dear saki,with the help of ur recipie my daughter who is in sydney made thirattipal and it came out well --she showed her preparation in skype and it was mouth -watering.more than ur recipie ur story about each is interesting.good,keep it up.

  4. i'm looking forward for bisibela bath.

  5. Hi Ms. Rajalakshmi... nice to hear that your daughter tried the recipe...I will post the recipe of Bisibela bath soon... have to get my pictures in place [:)]...

  6. wow this is cool... hubby loves this but as u said its too laborious to make... gonna try this coming weekend :)

  7. hei monika... try it and let us know how it turned... believe me u will love it :)

  8. it came out fab-u-louso....
    for the easy method that it is it tastes gud..
    Thanks a ton 4 sharing...

  9. linked u up in my post... this has become almost a regular at my house now :) thanks a ton

  10. Hi Suja & Monika...

    Glad you liked it... Enjjjoooiii :)

  11. Loved it!! Was totally yummy & so quick & simple!! Thank you for sharing & God Bless!