Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Paal Paayasam / Rice Pudding

Amma makes the best Paal Paayasam, that I have ever tasted... She used to religiously boil down litres and litres of milk for hours together to make that yummy consistency. My dad and lil bro love it so much... Needless to say... I would die for a cup of ma's paal payasam .... hehee... somehow always felt this was a laborious process... I tried a lil trick and it did work out...It just took me very little time to recreate the same taste :)

What I used

2tsp of rice
1 cup milk
1 can of Evaporated milk
3/4 cup sugar
Pista and Raisins for garnish
A pinch of Elaichi powder.

How I made it
Pressure cook the rice in milk. Place this in a heavy bottom or non stick pan and bring it to a boil in low / medium flame. Add the sugar and let it dissolve. Finally add a can of evaporated milk and bring to another boil. Remove from flame and garnish with Elaichi, pista and raisins. Serve cold ( it brings out the sweetness even more) :)..

This is really yummiiiilllliiicccious and very close to the traditional way of making "Paal Payasam".

Tricks of the trade

1.Always cook milk in low ~ medium flame, as it might easily get burnt at the bottom and this will spoil the taste and give a pungent smell
2. Use a non stick pan - its so easy to clean up after the kheer is done.