Thursday, January 29, 2009

Paruppu Payasam

Yet another simple yet delicious recipe... Feels nostalgic, Komu Paati used to make paruppu paayasam very often when I was a kid...I still remember licking my cups and the banana leaves (during festive occasions) ....I just love it... I would have tried this a zillion times... until recently ... when I found Coconut milk was the secret ingredient....


4 tbsp of Moong Dal
2 tbsp Channa Dal
1/2 cup of Jaggery (Powdered)
1 Cup Milk
1 tsp of ghee
1/2 cup Coconut Milk
Elaichi Powder
Chopped Nuts and Raisins for garnish


Heat a tsp of ghee in a pan and roast the cashews and raisins (or nuts) and keep aside. In this add the moong dal and channa dal and fry for 2 minutes. Pressure cook the dal. In the pan, heat the jaggery in 1/2 cup of water until it dissolves. Strain this to remove any sediments in the jaggery. Place this on medium flame again and add the dal and mix well. Remove from heat and add the milk and coconut milk. Add elaichi and garnish with the roasted nuts.

Yummy lickalicious Paruppu Payasam ready.... You will definitely lick the bowl :) !!!!

Tricks: Do not add milk and jaggery together and heat. The milk might curdle at times.
Paati also used to fry a little grated coconut and use it for garnish.


  1. you can use grated coconuts or cut coconuts into tiny pieces and fry them and add to the payasam,the crunchy coconut pieces will taste real nice

  2. Thanks maami... I just remembered... paati even used tiny pieces of koprai thengai pieces and fried them in ghee... But somehow I like them in chakkarai pongal... :)